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Fiber Twig 1.04

Fiber Twig 1.0 is an entertaining and funny puzzle game
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Fiber Twig 1.0 is an entertaining puzzle game that will keep you up playing for hours. You will not notice the minutes passing as you try to solve the puzzles and join the figures on their places. You will have to connect some twigs to get the original pattern. Once you do that, you will be able to watch a nice picture at the end of each level. In the bottom of the screen, there will be different twigs and you will have to figure out where to place them. You will get points for each piece you connect to the place it should be in. There are different bonuses that will let you collect more and more points. On the bottom of the screen, there will appear some magic tools that will help you design twigs that will get on the main figure. This game is very easy to use, all you have to do is to click on the twigs and then drop them on the place you consider they should be. Fiber Twig 1.0 can be played at full screen without needing to be online. You will be able to save your progress and record your high scores. The game is available in several languages. You can change the settings of the game, reduce the volume or the game sounds whenever you want. The game comes with instructions that will let you know how to use every tool available.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It's easy to use
  • You can play it in the full screen mode
  • It has many levels
  • You can record your name in the high scores
  • It has an instruction mode


  • None
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